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“You cannot deny either hand of the body. We must do his business together”

I Cor 12:12. 

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Did you miss the conference this year? No worries. Highlights from the weeks events will be posted this week. Check back often for more infomation.

Moderator Turner is pictured with Rev. Paul Matthews, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Lumberton, NC.Lumberton and surrounding areas in Robeson County were negatively affected by two hurricanes over the past few years. First Baptist Church served as a hub for serving the surrounding communities in providing food and supplies to families who were and are still in need. On behalf of the HPEMBA, Inc., Moderator Turner presented Rev. Matthews with a check to help continue the mission of giving to those in need!  THANK YOU HPEMBA MEMBERS-because of YOU, we CAN!

​​​High Point Educational and Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.