HPEMBA Forms Page

Click on the link for the form(s) you need. 

​​​High Point Educational and Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.

Church Registration Form
For individual churches to complete for each One Day, Revival or Conference Session.

Check Request Form
For ministry and department Presidents, etc. seeking reimbursement or check requests.

One Day Session Individual Registration Form

For One Day Session attendees.  To keep congestion at a minimum during the registration process please print this form prior to the Session and write in the names of the individuals you plan on bringing to the Session and on the day of the Session send all of your attendees to the designated area and have one Representative from your church bring the completed form to the Registration Desk.

2019 HPEMBA Scholarship Application Welcome Letter

2019 HPEMBA Scholarship Application

Click on both links. The Welcome letter has information for you to view and directions in completing the application process.

2019 Youth and Children's Trac Forms
For student participants, you must download the registration and release agreements.  All volunteers must complete the volunteer registration form.

Women's Auxiliary 5th Sunday Fellowship Host Church Commitment Form
Please complete this form if you and your church would like to host one or more of our Fellowship Services.