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Youth and Children's Trac is the youth ministry of the High Point Educational and Missionary Baptist Association.  The goal and mission of the Youth and Children's Trac Ministry is to provide young people with an enriching Christian Education through wholesome and exciting Christian activities while leading them to become disciples of Christ. The goal is to create disciples who

will continue to grow in the grace

of God to become who God has

called them to be in their local

church and community.  It is

through this ministry that youth

can exercise their gifts and talents,

while being taught the Word of


Our goal is to continue to be a

ministry that consistently

empowers young people to live

up to their godly potential.

Every year during the Annual Session, week long sessions especially geared for our children and youth are held including bible classes, rap sessions, and special classes such as dance, step, mime, choir and drama.  Children ages 6-college age are encouraged to attend!


For youth and young adults from ages 5-22

Sis. Marie Nicholson and Sis. Regina Aiken,
​Youth and Children's Trac Directors

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