​​​​HPEMBA, Inc.
High Point Educational and Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.

H-Helping to

E-Educate the 

L-Lives of 

P-People for Their

S-Soul Salvation

The HELPS Ministry of the HPEMBA is a cumulation of the Health Ministry, Ushers, Greeters, Security and Hospitality.  The purpose of this ministry to ensure that the members of the HPEMBA are fully equipped and informed on how to assist their individual ministries in the area of HELPS.  

The HELPS Ministry has assisted churches in teaching them the importance of creating and maintaining security, church safety, a health care ministry and hospitality.  More recently, the ministry was instrumental in conducting a Church and Personal Safety Seminar in conjunction with city officials who came in and gave essential information to all in attendance.

HELPS Ministry