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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is seeking a lead guitarist or organist.

Please contact Rev. Thomas M. Williams, Jr SMBC Mount Airy, NC

Email: lbrim56@yahoo.com


​Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church is seeking an experienced part-time Senior Pastor to lead our church in reaching every generation with the hope of a life all in for Jesus. Qualifications: 1. His testimony shall be that of Scriptural salvation and baptism 2. His character must be that as prescribed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. 3. He must be a licensed and ordained minister. Must possess the following attributes: personal relationship with Jesus, integrity, passion, vision, humility, fiscal responsibility, purpose driven, good communications skills, an encourager, mentoring skills, peaceful, patient, a teacher, gentle, not quick tempered, demonstrated perseverance. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, a current resume detailing their ministerial and pastoral experiences; and four (4) references with contact information. Send requested documents via email to: srmbc87@bellsouth.net or mail to: Attn: Pastor Search Committee, Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church, 3010 Carver School Road, Winston Salem, NC 27105


From the Desk of the Congress of Christian Education President - Rev. Velma McCloud:

Attention all Pastors,
Please email me or have your Superintendents / and or Christian Education Directors contact me via email or cell phone.  I need their names and contact information.

It's my desire to build a database with this information enabling me to contact them.  My email address is: velmamccloud@gmail.com and my cell number is (336) 408-5313.

Thanks so very much for your support and prayers.

In God's Service.
Minister Velma McCloud